Wanda Wolfe Comics

Eight-issue collection

The amazing adventures of the horny detective Wanda Wolfe.
A witty parody of many mystery, thriller and crime stories.
Short full stories in every issue.

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Slider Wanda

Commissions available

Pin-ups, erotic scenes, fetish fantasies

Make your dreams come true with an original artwork.
Hire a professional artist!
A wide range of prices and styles.

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FetixX Files Series

Tickles - Bondage - Straitjackets

Monographic compilations of comics and illustrations
focused on different fetishes.

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What is Coaxdreams?

It's the brand name for all the fetish production of artist COAX.

Artist Coax

Coax is the nickname used by spanish artist Alvaro Muñoz in his erotic and fetish works.

Erotic Comics

Sexy, witty and funny comics in different styles from cartoon to realistic.


Hire a professional artist to draw your fantasies. Pin-ups, erotic scenes, fetish fantasies.

About CoaX

His first fetish works appeared during the year 2000 in a spanish bdsm magazine called Sumissa (the works of these early years are collected in the Fetish Drawings #1). In the year 2002 he begins his professional career in the comics world publishing with the international company La Cupula in their world-famous magazine Kiss Comix (also known as “La Podre au Reves” in France and “French Kiss” in United States). In the year 2011 it appears Hostal Eden (DOFantasy) the first album signed as CoaX. In 2015 La Musardine starts showing his work in the french market.

Comics & Drawings

A feast of lascivious drawings and imaginative situations. Coaxdreams comics and videos are erotic, witty and funny.

Available at Gumroad, DriveThruComics and Patreon.

Check the full catalogue.

Wanda Wolfe sample pages

Detective Wanda Wolfe

ProductComic series #1-7 + Special

The amazing adventures of the horny detective Wanda Wolfe. A witty parody of many mystery, thriller and crime stories.

Full short stories in every issue.

Astaroth and Bernadette sample pages

Astaroth and Bernadette

ProductGraphic Novel

A pretty and innocent peasant girl who suffers cruel torments... but also experiences intense pleasures. A snobby little demon... with one big obsession. Lustful villagers, tempting vegetables, adventure, punishment, desire...

The Renaissance was never so horny!

Kinky Slave sample pages

Kinky Slave

ProductComic series #1-3

A comic about a relationship of dominance and submission, leather masks and kinky sex, all sprinkled with humor.

Three issues with several full short stories each. Also sold as a bundle.

Nymphomaniac sample pages


Eve likes sex. Maybe too much. Her life revolves around sex. But she has transformed her little problem into her strength, because she knows what she wants and what to do to get it... In a crazy society, SEX can be the best answer.

Welcome to the world of the Nymphoniac.

A Petgirl's Story sample pages

Petgirl's Story

ProductAn illustrated story for adults

Imagine a different kind of world. A world where pets are human pets instead. Not people playing fetish games in their bedrooms, no. A world with humans and human pets. Discover this story full of tenderness, drama, love, humor and, of course, erotism.

Read it for FREE in Comic Fury and Tapastic.

Short Stories sample pages

Short Stories

ProductStories less 10 pages long

Is long-distance sex through Voodoo satisfying? Do ghosts do blowjobs? Does the jungle man have a bigger dick? Is the Enchanted Castle a good place for an orgy with your Prince Charming? No doubt that sex was never so fun as it is in this pages!!

A bunch of short Color stories. Small erotic pills.

Drawings collections sample pages

Drawings collections

ProductSketches, drawings and illustrations

Fetish Sketches. A collection of drawings by ballpoint pen. Sensual submissives, gorgeous dominatrices, kinky scenes... joyful art!

Fetish Drawings. Illustrations, comic pages, some color sketches, even an erotic short story! All were done for a Spanish BDSM magazine. The Sumissa Magazine years!

Prints samples



What about a fetish gift? A greeting card, a sticker, a throw pillow or maybe a laptop skin. Tons of products to choose.

Prints courtesy of RedBubble. Design by Coaxdreams.

Videos samples

Videos and Photos

ProductVideos and Photos

Videos. A fetish Christmas between a Mistress and her submissive or a Ball Gag Speaking Course... Guaranteed: these videos will make you drool.

Photos. The beautiful Meg plays different scenes imagined by the twisted mind of a fetish master.

  • Wanda Wolfe title

    Wanda Wolfe

    The horny detective

  • Kinky Slave title

    Kinky Slave

    Bdsm, love & humor

  • Nymphomaniac title


    Sex is the answer

  • Petgirl Story title

    Petgirl's Story

    A Tale for adults

  • Short Stories title

    Short Stories

    Erotic pills

  • Drawings collections title

    Drawing Collections

    Lots of pics!


Pin-ups, erotic scenes, fetish fantasies... Make your dreams come true with an original artwork.


  • sample commission ink
  • from $60
  • A single character plus a simple background
  • included one or two previous sketches
  • portraits +$10
  • 50% more for each additional character


  • sample commission duotone
  • from $80
  • single character plus a simple background
  • included one or two previous sketches
  • portraits +$15
  • 50% more for each additional character


  • sample commission color
  • from $100
  • single character plus a simple background
  • included one or two previous sketches
  • portraits +$20
  • 50% more for each additional character

Remember this is a price guide. It can change for better or worse depending on quantity and complexity.

When you tell me exactly what you want I will tell you exactly my price.

For my service I only take money and payment will only be made through paypal.

The process step by step:
1. Send me an e-mail to check if I'm available and explaining whatever you want me to paint. I can draw almost anything, but I have my preferences. It's fun to draw bdsm, fetish, sci-fi, superheroes, cartoon... not so much yaoi, dickgirls or gore.
2. In less than 24 hours I will contact you to confirm if I accept or decline the job, the price and an estimated schedule.
3. When the date to start arrives then we will move on to the payment process. At least half payment in advance!
4. In about 24 hours I will send you a couple of sketches. We can do several adjustments until you are satisfied. After your approval then I produce the finished drawing, that I send you low-res-watermark. After you pay me the second half I will send you the high res file.
That's all!
Once I start drawing the whole process can take a week or less if the communication is fluent.

Note: Usually I will show your commission to my monthly supporters, include it in my books and upload it in social media platforms as promotion, etc. If you want it just for your private use, tell me in advance.


Fast answer within 24 hours.

For commission queries, doubts or information:


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